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Branding sessions

With a collaborative approach, ZALI Photo & Film and Emunah Events have created the perfect branding space to elevate your business

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Boost your brand with eye-catching pictures that share your special business story. Our photoshoots are carefully planned to show what your brand is all about, including its personality, values, and goals.

With a sharp eye for detail and a love for creativity, we work closely with you to understand what makes your brand unique and turn that into amazing imagery.

Whether you're just starting out or are already established, our branding photography sessions in our Brisbane studio are made to help you stand out in today's competitive world.

From elegant headshots to lively lifestyle pictures, we capture the heart of your brand in each one.

Our aim is to make visuals that not only grab attention but also connect with your audience, building trust and loyalty.

With Ebony's expertise in composition, posing and lighting and Carissa's talent for adding natural beauty, colour and style, your business can have imagery that is not only beautiful but also truly represent your brand.

We're here to make your business stand out in a busy market.


branding photography in brisbane


- 1 Hour of full access to the Emunah Range & Studio

- Customised concept/branding shoot vision prior 

- 1 outfit/concept

- 20 edited photos by ZALI Photo and Film

- Add ons available**


- 2 to 3 hours of full access to the Emunah Range & Studio

- Customised concept/branding shoot vision prior 

- 2-3 outfit change/concept

- 60 edited photos by ZALI Photo and Film

- light refreshments supplied

- Add ons available**

stylist branding photoshoot brisbane


  • Why ZALI Photography?
    I have been photographing newborns for over 8 years now. This isn't just a job for me, nor a hobby, it's something I truly cherish and am so grateful to be doing. Being a parent myself, I know how limited our years with our children are and I know what I miss the most about my girls being babies. I go into every session being guided by your love and connection and draw inspiration from that to bring you honest heartfelt moments. I want you not only to love your photographs, but to feel them as well. I limit my bookings to 10 newborn due dates per month, as I also love capturing our families and weddings as well. By limiting the number of babies I capture every month, allows me to to be available for families as and when babies are born. I'm not here to capture as many babies and families as I can, i'm here to give my families a memorable experience and take the time and love each session deserves. Providing a consistent and beautiful experience and photography for every couple through all of their milestones in life is what we're here for. We don't just want it to be goodbye at the end of your newborn session, instead we want to see you come back for beautiful family moments as you grow!
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    I only take on twelve session dates or due date bookings per month. This is so I can ensure I can be available to dedicate adequate time to each client with correspondence,editing and print orders as well as being able to be flexible to fit in your session when your baby decides to come. As a result, I quite often am booked out months in advance, so I always recommend booking in your session in your second trimester to avoid disappointment. However, with saying this, as some babies are born early or late, this may open up spaces, so I always encourage to enquire no matter what stage your in.
  • Do you require a deposit to book?
    Yes, there is a session booking fee to secure your spot with me that is required at time of booking. Packages are priced separately to the session fee and are not required until you've received your edited gallery from you session(s).
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, absolutely! Just let us know and we can arrange a payment plan that suits. All final payments must be received prior to providing download rights to your images.
  • How long does it take to receive our final photographs?
    We have a turnaround time of 4 weeks from your session date.
  • How many photographs do we get?
    I don't limit the amount of photographs I deliver. Every session is different. On average complete galleries will have approx 80+ images in them.
  • We don't feel comfortable in front of the camera
    This is so very common. But, do not fear.... this is what we do and we are here to help and guide you and make you feel beautiful in front of the camera. Gentle guided posing is given throughout your session. My style of photography more focuses on your love and connection with each other as a family, I only get you to look at the camera for those smiley shots a few times throughout the session.
  • Do you come to homes for newborn sessions?
    Yes! I absolutely can come to your home for a newborn session. However, this would be more of a lifestyle session capturing you naturally in your home. No "posing" is done during an at home newborn session like I do in my studio as I don't carry all of my equipment that I have in my studio to homes. Both style of sessions are beautiful, but they are very different styles so this would be to each families preference as to which they'd prefer.
  • Do we need to bring anything to our newborn session?
    No, you absolutely do not have to bring anything in particular to have your baby photographed in. I generally photograph babies using the wraps I have in my studio, and that's all we need. If you do have anything of sentimental value or an outfit that you'd love your baby photographed in (i'm a sucker for a knit cardigan or knit beanie on babies), then you're more than welcome to bring it along. Once your booking has been received I will send through your session information guide which also has a "leaving the home checklist" in there for first time parents.
  • What is the best age to have my baby photographed?
    Most of my newborn session shown are babies that are between 1-3 weeks old. However, with saying that, I think any age is a beautiful age to capture your newborn. And some families prefer awake and more interactive photos than curly sleepy newborn photos. This is something that will come down to the individual family and what they like best. If you want curly sleep newborn photos I recommend having your session within the first 3 weeks after bubs is born, and if you want photos when they're more awake and even smiling, then anytime after 6 weeks is great.
  • How do we know what date we will have our session?
    As I have a strict number limit on my bookings I take every month, I use your estimated due date as a tentative date only to help me structure my bookings. Once your baby is here, I ask that you let me know and it is at this time where we will lock in your session date within your desired time frame.
  • I have other children. Are sibling and family photos included?
    Yes, always! And most definitely encouraged, they're some of my favourite photos.
  • How long does a newborn session go for?
    Generally most sessions will go from 1-3 hours. This very much so depends on your baby and their needs. If your baby is cluster feeding at the time then they will require more feeding time than a baby that is not, etc.
  • My baby is already here, am I too late to book?
    I always encourage parents to enquire, even if your baby has already arrived. I take on a set number of bookings per month, but it is very common for babies to come early or late which pushes their session into different months and opens up my calendar for last minute bookings.
  • Do you offer film photography?
    Yes, we do!! We currently offer 35mm film photography as an add on to your collection.
  • Do you offer video and photography packages?
    Yes!! I can definitely do a video as an add on to your newborn session. This is something new that i'm offering, however I don't have a set package for. If you're interested in having a family film done during your photography session, please let me know so I can quote accordingly for you.
  • How do I know if you're the right photographer for me?
    This question doesn't get asked often, and I wish it did!! Photography is forever, and newborns can only be captured in such a short amount of time so you have to be 100% certain with your photographer that you decide to go with as you most probably wont get the opportunity again. The one main piece of advice that I will give to help you make this decision, is to thoroughly look at your photographers stye. BY style, I mean... the way they photograph babies and the colours you see in the photographs. This will be a be determining factor of which photographer is best suited to you. For example, I am a Fine Art Newborn photographer, I love to focus on the small details and the in between moments and interactions with families and I like the baby to be my prop and create beautiful art pieces for your walls. My editing style is light and bright with true to life colours and a hint of film grain to truly reflect timeless photography that you'll love forever. I don't follow trends with colours and I don't use props so if this is something you're wanting then i'm probably not the right fit for you.
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