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Preparing for Your Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot with Young Children | Maternity and Newborn Photography Brisbane

Capturing the beauty of your pregnancy and the precious early days of your newborn photography in Brisbane with young children can create some of the most treasured family photos. Preparing for these photoshoots can make a world of difference, especially with young kids involved. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get ready for your maternity and newborn photography in Brisbane, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Maternity and newborn photography brisbane

Plan ahead for your Maternity Photography session

Schedule in Advance:

  • Book your maternity photoshoot between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy when your bump is beautifully prominent but you’re still comfortable.

  • Schedule your newborn session within the first two weeks after birth when the baby is most sleepy and cooperative.

Consult with Your Photographer:

  • Discuss your vision, preferred styles, and any specific shots you want. A professional photographer will guide you on what works best and suggest ideas to include your children meaningfully. After you secure your booking with me, I send through a complete Maternity and Newborn Session guide to help you prepare. This comes complete with location options, outfit styling and what to expect during your sessions.

Outfit Styling

Coordinated but Comfortable:

  • Choose outfits that coordinate in color and style but are comfortable for both you and your children. I always recommend chosing Mums outfit first and then coordinating everyone else after that.

  • Soft, neutral tones often work well and keep the focus on the family rather than the clothes.

Consider Layers:

  • Layering can add texture and depth to your photos. For children, layers can be removed or added depending on their comfort and the look you’re going for. This is great for winter sessions were we can add in chunky knit cardi's and beanies, etc.

Avoid Distracting Patterns:

  • Steer clear of busy patterns, logos and bright colours that can distract from the main subjects – your family and also refelct unflattering colours on skin.

Preparing your children

Talk About the Photoshoot:

  • Explain to your young children what to expect. Let them know it will be fun and that they’ll get to play and spend time with the family and that they will be meeting Ebony, who will be playing games with us and taking our photos for us to hang on our wall.

  • Share some excitement about the photoshoot to help them look forward to it.

Arriving on time

  • Arriving on time, or even a little early, will allow your children to feel familiar with the space and also allow time for your photographer to get to know them a little before the session begins. Being organised and having everything ready to go so you can calmly get to the photoshoot with minimal added pressure and stress can also make a big difference as the children won't sense your stress. Practicing some simple poses or having a mini practice session at home can help children feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Bring Items:

  • Always bring water and snacks for the children, and often sometimes bribery is always encouraged.

Create a Relaxing Environment

Keep it Light and Fun:

  • Turn the photoshoot into a fun family activity. We will play games, tell jokes, and let the children be themselves.

  • Your photographer can capture genuine smiles and interactions if everyone is relaxed and having a good time and outdoor sunset photoshoots are perfect for this, were there is ample space to let them explore and for you to get down to their level.

Stay Calm and Positive:

  • Children can pick up on your mood, so stay calm and positive even if things don’t go exactly as planned. Flexibility is key. Only a handful of my photographs will have you looking at the camera, the rest of the time I wont to see the genuine love and connection between you as a family, so be present and immerse yourself into your session.

Prepare for the Newborn Photography Session

Warm and Cozy:

  • My studio located in Moggill, Brisbane is warm. Newborns are more comfortable and cooperative when they’re warm. So it's always best to dress accordingly.

Feeding and Changing:

  • Give your baby a full feed half an hour before the session to help them stay sleepy and content. Have extra bottles, formula, nappies and wipes on hand. I have a chnaging mat in my studio for you to use.

Simple is best:

  • Newborns are perfectly beautiful just as they are. I love to capture the simple beauty of newborns and don't like any distractions to take away from them. For this reson, I have very high quality materials that we use to lay your baby on and wrap them in and the only props I need is you. These are the memories that you'll treasure the most as time goes on, not a baby in a basket.

Capture the Details

Focus on Connections:

  • The best family photos highlight the connections between family members. I'll direct you every step of the way by encouraging cuddles, kisses, and gentle playful interactions. This goes for the parents too.

Include Personal Touches:

  • Incorporate items that are meaningful to your family, such as a handmade blanket. Sentimental pieces are beautiful.

Preparing for your maternity and newborn photoshoots with young children may require some planning, but the results are worth it. These photos will capture the love, joy, and anticipation of welcoming a new member into your family. By planning ahead, choosing the right outfits, preparing your children, and creating a relaxing environment, you’ll ensure a successful and enjoyable photoshoot experience. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your family’s unique personality shine through in every shot and when you book with Zali Photo and Film to capture your Maternity and Newborn Photography in Brisbane you can feel at ease and know that all you have to do, is show up with a smile!

Enjoy this beautiful Maternity and Newborn Collection of Zenayah's journey into the world!



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